Wonderful resorts at Little Corn Island

24 May, 2007


Lying about 45 miles off the east coast of Central American country of Nicaragua, is a drumstick-shaped island called Little Corn Island, which forms a part of a group called Corn Islands.

Though, why is it called that, remains a mystery, but this little piece of real estate is so isolated that is literally unspoiled. With less than a hundred people, many of whom are not even permanent residents who call this island home, this island is truly a tropical paradise.

With no shoppers areas, no nightlife of whatsoever, just a few resorts and miles of unspoilt forest and sandy beaches, this little paradise is yet to be discovered.

With easy access from Nicaragua, this island can only be reached via ferries or a high-speed boat.

For tourists, there are many resorts that can offer a relaxing stay. These are:

Casa Iguana:
Little Corn Island, Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Hotel Los Delfines:
Little Corn Island, Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Sunshine Hotel:
50 minutes north of the Fresh Lobster Company, Little Corn Island, Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Lobster Inn:
Pelican Beach, Little Corn Island, Corn Islands, Nicaragua


Puerto Rico – A typical Caribbean destination

19 May, 2007


One of the many island nations occupying the Caribbean Sea region, Puerto Rico is one of the larger ones.

Part of the Greater Antilles Group, Puerto Rico is also its smallest island nation. Itself an archipelago, the island nation contains various large and small islands, called the keys.

Apart from the main island of Puerto Rico, the other significant ones are Mona, Viegues, Culebra, Desecheo and Caja de Muertos. Other than the main island, only the Culebra and Viegues are inhabited year-round. All the others are basically populated during the tourist season.

Lying south of the mainland US, with Miami being the nearest US port, some 2000 kilometres away, Puerto Ricans are US citizens by birth. This is due to the reason that their country is an ‘Unincorporated Territory’ of the US Government, meaning that only certain US Government rules and regulations apply to the locals.

Being in the Caribbean region, Puerto Rico is virtually a tourist paradise. And believe it or not, here, you can literally, travel on a road towards Paradise.

Puerto Rico offers the best of both worlds – natural, such as scuba diving among some of the world’s richest underwater flora and fauna. They can visit coffee plantations, go off the beaten track on various hiking or biking trails along the coast, visit a few of many waterfalls.

Those seeking the more urbane kind of pleasure, well, they can taste some of the wonderful local cuisines at roadside cafes; visit the local bazaars for those charming little trinkets to take back home.

‘Bon Bini’ – or “Welcome to Bonaire”

10 May, 2007


Bonaire is an island in the larger group of Netherlands Antilles, which themselves are governed by Netherlands. Within the larger group, Bonaire, together with Aruba and Curacao, forms the sub or lesser Antilles, called locally, ‘Leeward Antilles’.

Situated at the southern part of the Caribbean, though much closer to the South America, it was also inhabited, initially by the local indian tribe, Caiquetios, a sub-tribe of the larger nation of Arawak Indian who were also the main settlers of nearby islands.

Bonaire, among other activities, has been ranked, consistently, as the finest snorkelling and scuba diving destination in the Caribbean. And all these lie in the Bonaire National Marine Park that hugs the island from almost all sides.

But there are other activities to do as well. The fast winds over the island, provides ample chance for the daredevils to thrill themselves with windsurfing. For the other mortals, there is an assortment of wildlife and natural landscapes to enjoy.

Malta – The southern-most EU state

30 April, 2007


One of the oldest inhabited islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the smallest of all European Union member-states; Malta has, had the honour of being collectively awarded the George Cross for Gallantry during the World War. No other nation had this distinction.

Lying on the other side of Sicily, Malta is an archipelago of seven islands. It lies just north of Libya and east of Tunisia. It is one of the densely populated islands with a population of 0.4 million.

One of the oldest monuments found on Malta is the temple of Hagar Qim, which probably dates back to over 3,000 BC. Though, it is not sure which civilization owns the credit of constructing it, but the oldest record of inhabiting this island goes to the Phoenicians.

Apart from them, it came under Roman rule, after which it passed into the hands of Byzantine rulers. After the Arab conquest of the Mediterranean area in the eight century, the island was briefly occupied by them. The islands’ main architectural style also owes it splendour to the occupying muslims.

The Great French Emperor and General Napolean Bonapart also confisicated this island during one of his conquest. Later on, it was captured by the British and hence till this day, it remains part of the British nation, with QE II, its head of state.

In 1989, Malta was the venue for a political summit, between the Presidents of US and USSR that finally brought down the threat of the cold war.

Though, officially part of the EU, it remains hasn’t adopted their common currency, Euro.

The best part of being a Mediterranean Sea island is, that is gets year-round sunshine and is surrounded by crystal clear. Likewise, Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino too, with their natural treasures, coupled with the unique cultural elements including the rich, local cuisine promises to deliver a unique and a unforgettable holiday experience.